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Have you ever had this situation when your cargo was delivered later that it was agreed or the shipping cost of your cargo was increased?

Do you know where is your cargo right now?

Our company offers professional…

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How do we work?


We receive information about the upcoming transportation.


Provision of actual value
in a short time.


Preparation of shipping documents.

Cargo Transportation

We select the optimal route based on the cost and time parameters.

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Individual approach
To each client

  • Selection of transport
    Correct pick up of transport, taking into account the parameters and features of the cargo.
  • Preparation of documents
    We will help to prepare a set of documents for the transportation of any type of cargo.
  • Cargo insurance
    Protect your cargo from any damage in transit, regardless of
    the type of transport used for transportation.
  • Forwarding in the port for 12 hours from the moment of discharge the vessel.
    The fastest passing formalities of shipping documents in order to provide delivery of your container as soon as possible.
  • Railway transportation.
    Transportation of containers by railway platforms Import / Export mode taking into account the features and requirements loading on the platform.

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